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In this part of catalog you can find links to valuable resources & websites introducing famous Tourist attractions in Europe mainly sites of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and most visited places & resorts in Europe.

Schoenbrunn Palace
Schoenbrunn Palace: the most popular sightseeing in Vienna. Here you will find important information for your visit and you can buy your tickets online. UNESCO list
The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower: official website of the most famous monument of France

Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain
Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family. Sagrada Familia is a church and basilica that was begun in 1882 and which is to be completed in 2026. The structure is located in Barcelona, Catalonia (Cataluña, Catalunya), Spain, Europe.
Roman Colosseum
Roman Colosseum: The Flavius amphitheatre is the biggest
and most imposing in the Roman world, but is also the most famous monument in Rome and is known as the "Colosseum" or "Coliseum". Started by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavia family, it was opened by his son Titus in 80 A.D.
Visit Loch Ness in Scotland, UK
Visit Loch Ness and Inverness accommodation offers a range
of accommodation, including Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, self catering cottages and holiday rentals, camping, printable interactive maps for walking, visitor attractions, events, history and heritage and the Loch Ness Monster legend.
National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blaa Planet
National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet now has 20,000 fish and marine animals in 53 tanks with a total of seven million litres of water. Get information about opening hours, waiting times, as well as practical info for people with reduced
functional capacity.
Mont Saint Michel, France - sitemap of the official website
Official Mont-Saint Michel tourist website - sitemap. UNESCO list, (Campania - Italy)
It’s a portal where you can find all the necessary information to organize your vacation to Amalfi, (Campania - Italy)
UNESCO list, Slovakia
Preserve your love for eternity in the Love Bank in Banská Štiavnica - UNESCO world heritage site
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