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In this part of catalog you can find links to valuable resources & websites with subjects introducing gastronomy & refreshment and eating possibilities in Europe like restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, cafés, confectioneries etc.

Schönbrunnerstöckl Restaurant, Vienna
Our family run restaurant is equipped in classic old Austrian style and originally decorated. Homestyle cuisine offers to gourmets fresh, home prepared dishes from the K. and K. time  - traditional Viennese dishes,
Czech and Italian meals and specialties - very delicious in taste.

Kutscher G `wölb Restaurant, Vienna
There are food and drinks in imperial surroundings in our Kutscher G `wölb Restaurant at Schönbrunn, with its large shady garden. Enjoy the traditional Viennese cuisine, with a fascinating ambience of the Schoenbrunn palace!

Matyšák wine restaurant
Matyšák luxurious wine restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia is known by high standard of services and excellent dishes of Slovak and international cuisine. Directly from the restaurant you can visit the wine archive cellar with cosy wine salon., Slovakia
Largest pizza in the city - office-lunch cartage and pizza delivery. Bratislava, Žilina
Monvin wine bar
Do you feel like sharing a bottle of good wine with some friends in a pleasant surrounding? Then you're at the right address in Monvin Bratislava, Slovakia.
Biobar Vienna
In Biobar we place a high value on possible varied compilation of the best organic seasonal food products and a balanced supply of nutrients, vitamins, fiber, minerals and trace elements.
Cafe Oper Wien, Vienna
The Café offers frendly atmosphere in historical ambience, excellent coffee, fresh desserts, hot meals - culinary specialties in traditional Viennese coffeehouse atmosphere as well as wide range of beverages, cocktails and drinks.
Böhmerwald Restauranat, Vienna
Our homestyle cuisine offers fresh, home prepared dishes from the K. and K. time  - traditional Viennese dishes and
Czech meals and specialties. Our gastro-services are quick, competent and friendly first of all.
Wok and, Vienna
The restaurant offers offers attractive ambience and excellent dishes of the Asian cuisine: Asia-Wok specialities, starters
food (apetizers), soups, main dishes, desserts, salads in a bar, Teppanyaki lunch buffet
Benihana Restaurant, Bratislava, Slovakia  
Rediscover the personalized experience of having your choice
of succulent seafood, tender chicken, juicy steaks & much more... The flavours of Japanese teppanyaki dishes are coming
to Bratislava. An extraordinary theater that will feed the senses and entertain the appetite.
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