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In this part of catalog you can find links to valuable resources & websites with subjects Ecologically friendly firms & products in Europe introducing European green (earth friendly) companies, environmentally friendly products, energy saving devices (alternatively with Eco-labels or Green Stickers) etc.
NOSHAN will investigate the process and technologies needed to use food waste for feed production at low cost, low energy consumption and with maximal valorisation of starting wastes., Belgium
VITO is a leading independent research organisation in the field of cleantech and sustainable development, France
VERTECH is a French High-Tech startup engineering consulting company that focuses its business on providing advanced environmental and sustainable solutions to different sectors., Belgium
Nutrition Sciences N.V. is a Belgian private company well known for its R&D activities in the feed – food chain and spends much attention to the introduction of novel – mainly nutritional - technologies for its customers., Spain
LEITAT is a Technological Center - research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i)., Spain
KimGlobal - Knowledge Innovation Market, Germany
Your partner in food technology and biotechnology, Germany
Sustainable process technologies - increased efficiency - environmental protection - reducing costs

Tailor-made Bio fireplaces, Bratislava, Slovakia
The latest trend of warming are bio fires without a chimney. Fireplace is filled with 96% ethanol, which is used as a heat source - live fire without smoke, which can be operated without any special precautions. Bio fireplace may simply be freely placed in any room.
The Dudik company offers the self-supporting wooden staircase, covering of concrete stairs with solid wood and solid wood flooring. High quality for low prices!
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