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In this part of catalog you can find links to valuable resources & websites introducing European countries and attractive holiday regions in Europe or interesting tours, worth the trip.

Petroland, Bački Petrovac, Serbia
AquaPark Petroland, Bački Petrovac, tobogany, bazény. Turistické a zábavné atrakcie v Srbsku.
Eco Zakynthos, Greece
The Eco Zakynthos - nonprofit association dedicated to
promoting the local Zakynthian culture and traditions as well as
sustainable ecotourism on the island of Zakynthos, Switzeland
Information about Switzerland, United Kingdom
Inspiration and information for planning UK holidays and days out. Destinations and attractions throughout England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland., United Kingdom 
English Heritage Home Page, Czech Republic
About Prague - travel guide for visitors, Slovakia
About Bratislava - Bratislava city official home page
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